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Commitment to Safety

The health and safety of our employees and the public is CEI’s top priority at every level of our organization and deeply rooted in our corporate culture. This commitment comes directly from the officers and directors and has resulted in award-winning safety performance. CEI maintains a workplace that is safety conscious and strives to go beyond compliance in matters of workplace safety. No job is so urgent that we cannot take time to plan and perform our work safely to prevent accidents and injuries, and we will not compromise safety to achieve other goals. We provide our employees the training and equipment necessary to complete all work safely, and we require each employee to:

      • Understand and take responsibility for their safety and the safety of those working around them
      • Perform all work safely and refuse to perform unsafe tasks
      • Report all job site concerns, hazards and close calls to management
      • Follow established safety rules and procedures and use appropriate protective equipment at all times