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Project: Wetlands and Flood Plain Recreation
Location: Bloomfield, NJ
 Industry: Open Space
Contaminants: Historic Fill

CEI was retained to provide environmental construction services for the creation of a flood plain and wetlands mitigation area. This project received the 2022 NJ Future Smart Growth Award for converting a former brownfield site into a park space that provides recreational opportunities and reduces flood risk.


  • Placement of temporary crane mat roadways
  • Construction of 5.5 acres of wetlands with 3” to 9” hummocks
  • Innovative use of GPS integrated excavators to achieve design
  • Excavation and stockpiling of 22,300 cubic yards of wetlands soil
  • Transportation and disposal of 25,000 tons of excess material
  • Placement of 7,180 cubic yards of wetlands topsoil
  • Installation of 2,700 square feet of Articulated Cable Block Matting