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Project: Superfund Remediation
Location: Sayreville, NJ
 Industry: Drum Reconditioning
Contaminants: PCBs, Mercury, Lead, PCE, TCE

CEI implemented the ROD cleanup goals for the 2nd phase of the Operable Unit-2 Horseshoe Road Drum Dump Site and the Atlantic Resources Corporation Superfund site. This phase of work was contracted by the PRP Group with on-site monitoring by both USEPA and USACE.


  • Pre-construction photo documentation of all existing utilities, adjacent Conrail line, roadways and truck routes
  • Construction of temporary haul roads including temporary bridges over the MCUA’s Force Mains
  • Install steel sheeting along railroad right of way
  • Settlement, water level, methane and hydrogen sulfide monitoring of the 72” and 102” MCUA force mains
  • Construction dewatering, modification and operation of an existing on-site water treatment system
  • Excavation, segregation of TSCA, RCRA and Regulated waste streams, and backfilling using machines equipped with GPS technology
  • Transportation via rail, and disposal of approximately 120,000 tons of contaminated soil
  • Application of ~40,000 lbs. of cheese whey for bioremediation
  • Removal of 335 lf of existing railroad tracks