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Project: MGP Remediation
Location: NJ Shore
 Industry: Utility
Contaminants: Coal Tar, PCBs

CEI remediated a former MGP site located at the field operations center for an electric utility company. Work included sheeting installation, excavating and disposal of MGP contaminated soil, ISS soil mixing, construction of a clean corridor for the relocation of natural gas pipelines and site restoration.


  • 5,030 tons of MGP impacted soil excavated and thermally treated
  • 10,200 cubic yards of In-Situ soil solidification
  • 5,175 square feet of steel sheeting installed with an excavator mounted vibratory hammer
  • 4250 cubic yards of backfill 
  • 5,139,500 gallons of contaminated groundwater pumped treated and discharged
  • Well point dewatering