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Project: ISS MGP Remediation
Location: NJ Shore
 Industry: Utility
Contaminants: Coal Tar

CEI remediated soil impacted by former MGP operations using a combination of open surface excavation and in-situ soil stabilization via auger mixing of soil to approximately 12’ and 28’ deep. The project also included remediation of an on-site Beach Thorofare, where a temporary bulkhead steel sheet pile was constructed.


  • Installation of ~12,600 sf of steel sheeting for temporary bulkhead and ~22,000 square foot of steel sheeting for permanent bulkhead
  • Excavation and disposal of ~58,000 tons of non-hazardous MGP impacted soil and subsurface structures
  • Demolition and removal of 1,200 CY of concrete gas holders and 2 underground storage tanks
  • In-situ soil stabilization via auger mixing of 104,000 CY of soils
  • In-situ soil stabilization along active building for structure support and ISS to 58’ bgs for shoring and water cutoff for future cofferdam work along adjacent property
  • Installation of 360 LF of 50’-60’ long sheet piles including installation into wet ISS columns
  • Furnish and installation of ~8,000 SY and 10,000 SY of demarcation and subgrade separation non-woven geotextile fabric, 12,000 tons of certified clean fill soil material and 5,000 tons of gravel stone
  • Manage truck traffic through a residential/commercial neighborhood to ensure pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety
  • Restoration of public roadway with full depth asphalt, curb, sidewalk, and guardrail