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Project: IRM Remediation
Location: Jersey City, NJ
 Industry: Manufacturing
Contaminants: Chromium

CEI implemented the Phase II IRM to facilitate the remediation of chromium impacted groundwater. Work included connecting existing extraction wells to a new groundwater treatment system and connecting existing injection wells to a new injection system.


  • Connected 23 extraction wells and 156 injection wells to the groundwater treatment system
  • Excavated and installed 10,500 lineal feet of 3-inch schedule 40 PVC electrical conduit
  • Excavated and installed 12,500 lineal feet of 4-inch SDR-17 double walled HDPE pipe with fused joints
  • Excavated and installed 1,400 lineal feet of 2-inch schedule 40 PVC water pipe
  • Installed 7,000 lineal feet of 3/4-inch and 1 ½-inch braided reinforced injection hose with camlock connections
  • Converted 4 extraction well to injection wells
  • Installed 46 well head vaults and  32 electrical vaults
  • Installed/connected electrical and control wiring