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Project: Bulkhead replacement and MGP Site Remediation
Location: Gowanus Canal, NY
 Industry: Utility
Contaminants: Coal Tar, Heavy Metals

CEI implemented the removal and replacement of approximately 870 lineal feet of existing bulkhead along the Gowanus Canal and performed uplands soil remediation at multiple locations on this former inner-city MGP site.


  • Demolish concrete gas holder, bulkhead and building foundations
  • Protection of 60” 100-year old, brick sewer trunk line, gas mains and utility tunnel
  • Install 870 lineal feet of permanent steel bulkhead sheeting
  • Excavate 41,472 cubic yards of contaminated soil to a maximum depth of 24’ bgs within a temporary structure
  • Backfill excavations with 39,515 cubic yards of material – re-use soil, certified clean soil and flowable fill
  • Pre-drill (Sonic) 27,000 lineal feet and install temporary sheeting to 45’ bgs.
  • Excavation and Disposal of 90,000 tons of MGP soil and 2,600 tons of haz (D008) lead soil
  • Treat and discharge 2,000,000 gallons of groundwater