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Our History

Founded in 1994 with a staff of two, Creamer Environmental, Inc. (CEI) quickly evolved into a full service environmental remediation contractor serving an impressive list of clients throughout the tri-state area. CEI has been fortunate to have experienced steady growth that can be attributed in large part to the support of the Creamer Family, the vision of its management team, our dedicated and loyal staff, and many valued clients, some of which we have been working with since our inception. Our clients know that when there is an unusual challenge at their site, CEI will come up with an innovative and practical solution to make sure that the work gets done.


Remediation around live utilities

Our Commitment to the Environment

The natural environment is a precious resource–one we respect and work to preserve in all that we do. CEI strives to implement green and sustainable practices throughout all company activity. In the office, we have implemented numerous green measures including purchasing energy efficient computers, lighting, and office equipment, upgrading our HVAC systems, and reaffirming our recycling commitments. In the field, we manage our environmental footprint by conserving energy and resources, reducing, reusing and recycling as many materials and waste streams as allowed. We endeavor to reduce our emissions and minimize waste as much as possible. Our anti-idling program, in which all our field employees participate, has worked to significantly decrease our carbon footprint. We have also implemented the use of low sulfur diesel, vegetable-based lubricants, and biofuels in select equipment. We pride ourselves on our efforts to limit wasted resources, an economically sound practice as well as one that works to ensure a better tomorrow. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and their impacts on the environment and our efforts to improve the environment around us demonstrates our commitment to environmental quality.

Our Core Values

In accomplishing our vision, the people who make up CEI are committed to our core values:

  • Safety: The protection of our employees and the public
  • Quality: Our employees will perform quality work
  • Reliability: Our customers can depend on our employees to respond to their needs
  • Integrity: Our employees will always do the right thing
  • Productivity: Our employees will produce the greatest amount of work in the least amount time safety will allow

Sediment Dewatering using Geotubes